Pemberton Market Updates


8 Reasons Why Selling Your Home In The Winter Months IS Better Than Waiting for Spring or Summer

  1. Winter buyers tend to be serious buyers. The winter weather tends to discourage the “tire-kickers.”  Who wants to be out in the wind, rain and sleet if they don’t have to?  Or if it is it’s sunny the ski-hill will coax away the less serious buyers.
  2. Inventory is lower and so is competition.
  3. The spring is when inventory tends to spike.  It is harder to stand out in a crowd.
  4. In the winter there will likely be less showings but also likely to be more serious buyers.
  5. Realtors aren’t as busy in the winter months, and with less inventory, there is more attention being paid to your listing.
  6. Homes are usually pretty “festive” and feel “warm” during the winter.  Good for creating a warm feeling in the staging.
  7. In the winter, with inventories being lower, there is a slight shift in who’s in the drivers seat when it comes to contract negotiations, especially with the changing markets.  There will likely be less concessions on the part of the seller in the winter.