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Seedy Saturday Pemberton

Finally spring is in the air and one of the many qualities Pemberton has to offer is the ability to grow your own veggies. So if this is a hobby of yours or maybe something totally new that you want to venture in come check out the popular Seedy Saturday, where the people of the community gather to celebrate the beginning of a new growing season.

Pemberton’s Seedy Saturday is held at the Pemberton Down-town Community Barn on March 25 11am-3pm. Seedy Saturday is a free, non-profit community event focusing on organically grown heirloom & non-GMO seed trading, as well as workshops & presentations on local organic initiatives in the community. The event features workshops, presentations and entertainment, as well as our free seed exchange.  

Here are some things seed-trading participants should keep in mind:  

*All seeds should be non-hybrid, and non-GMO varieties.

*All seed packages should be clearly labeled with location and date of harvest, variety, and general number of seeds in pkg. (If you did not grow your own seed label with company or origin)

*All seed packages should be valued at 2$ with purpose of easier equal exchange of packages. (in account of factors of, variety, rarity, size of seed etc.)

*The Seed Table: To exchange your seed, bring your packages to the seed table, and you will receive one ticket per seed package. Each ticket can then be exchanged for another package of seed. 

*Seed Donations: We would like to provide seeds for new gardeners with interest, so if you have any larger quantities of seed you would like to donate to your local community, a section of the table will be available.

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